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Infusionsoft API Easter Egg

Infusionsoft Easter Eggs

Perhaps this will be a growing list, but I did just find an Infusionsoft Easter egg. I’m implementing the API on a client site and used the email address: I added the dude via the API and went back to check on him in the contacts db. This is what I found.

38 Seconds of Hell

38 Seconds of Hell

A Guitar Center opened in Times Square… a portal to hell opened up. Unlike most shops, Guitar Center allows you to freely pick-up, plug-in and play at whatever volume you choose. All the amps go to 11 these days. This is what hell looks like.   Sauce:

Dads Desk

Your password probably sucks

I’ve been in IT for almost 20 years now. I’ve worked in just about every position from helpdesk at a defense contractor / aerospace company to production control coordinator at a soap plant. I’ve built hundreds of websites, installed wireless networks, both point to point and point to multipoint, I’ve done security audits at credit…

Rear Window Poster Preview

Rear Window

I like old movies. True, there are a bunch that are just crap, but back in the day, you didn’t have special effects and huge explosions to make up for the lack of acting ability. On that note, I love James Stewart and who wouldn’t? He’s extremely affable, good looking and plays a perfect regular…

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