HelloSpoon is an independently developed assistance device designed to help people feed themselves. Luis Garcia is HelloSpoon’s creator. He has an Indiegogo fundraiser starting today, and DamnDad has an interview with Luis himself.

Infusionsoft API Easter Egg

Infusionsoft Easter Eggs

Perhaps this will be a growing list, but I did just find an Infusionsoft Easter egg. I’m implementing the API on a client site and used the email address: I added the dude via the API and went back to check on him in the contacts db. This is what I found.

Dads Desk

Your password probably sucks

I’ve been in IT for almost 20 years now. I’ve worked in just about every position from helpdesk at a defense contractor / aerospace company to production control coordinator at a soap plant. I’ve built hundreds of websites, installed wireless networks, both point to point and point to multipoint, I’ve done security audits at credit…


Doing an export to InfusionSoft from MSSQL? Here’s How

So we had to export customers from our MSSQL Database to InfusionSoft Contacts CSV. This query will help you escape the crazy commas and ensure integrity of your resultant .csv file.

So what did we do? We joined our orders and payments tables so we could check orders and payments (duh). I only wanted…

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