Oh, the poor christians

Religious Persecution in America

In Ken Ham’s article for AiG yesterday, he claims that Christians are being persecuted – again. He’s got his panties in a bunch over gay marriage still/again.

No, Ken, you’re not being persecuted. The opposite is happening. You are being prevented from imposing your views on the rest of America. This secular nation you live in was created to protect people from religious persecution. Sometimes, the majority of people have to give up a little to reap the benefits of laws that specifically prohibit the persecution of people based on religious – or nonreligious beliefs.

Your persecution is limited to knowing that LGBT people get to do what they want to do. That’s what you have to give up. Is that so bad?

From Ham’s blog:

Well, a recent ominous opinion from the Supreme Court of Ohio hints that further Christian intolerance is coming, and right in our “backyard.”

… “A judge who exercises the authority to perform civil marriages may not refuse to perform same-sex marriages while continuing to perform opposite-sex marriages. A judge may not decline to perform all marriages in order to avoid marrying same-sex couples based on his or her personal, moral, or religious beliefs.”

Again, no persecution. Marriage is marriage, “gay marriage” isn’t different marriage. So, if you aren’t going to marry one group of people, you may not marry another. That seems quite fair.

Ham then calls the scriptures:

… Scripture makes it clear that there is no neutrality: “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad” (Matthew 12:30). … those Christians who support gay “marriage” are not starting with God’s Word—they are compromising God’s Word with man’s word.

Then Ham goes on to attempt to make a bigger issue out of this by in effect saying that we don’t want judges who don’t side with god. Actually, Ken, we do. We want secular judges who don’t consider gods at all to make huge, life altering decisions for and about people. If ever there was a profession that needed rationality and skepticism, that’s the one. History tells us that religious courts are bad for society in general and now, the law says homosexuals are free to marry.

I’m afraid that on this issue, Ken Ham, AiG and the rest of the religious fundamentalists out there are now on the wrong side of both, history and the law.


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