Scientific Proof for God of the Bible

**Update** If this turns out to be true… Where did god go? 

This video has shown up in my feed lately and I believe it’s disingenuous at the very least. I’ll preface my comments with this: If you want to believe in god, you have to have faith. We can discuss faith later, but if your god only lives in our lack of knowledge then you believe in the “god of the gaps”. The problem with this belief is that god gets smaller every day and one day, there won’t be any room left for it.

Dr. Schroeder makes 3 points in this video…

1) “The bible got it right, there was a beginning to the universe” – If we don’t argue any of the science here and accept that statement as true, All of the creation myths out there also got it right. There was a beginning to the universe. I’ll accept accept that a god did it.

2) Set of Forces = God – “The laws of nature aren’t physical, they act on the physical and they predate the universe” – This is incorrect and he knows it. Cosmologists agree that the laws of nature were created in the first few Planck times AFTER the big bang. We don’t fully understand what caused the big bang (inflation) and there are tons of theories, god is but one theory that there is no falsifiable prediction for. We can make falsifiable predictions and test them with a number of other theories. But so what? Forces do equal god. I’ll buy it.

3) “That which created the universe is also active in the universe, the fact that you’re watching this now, pretty much establishes that point.” – There are so many ifs / thens in this statement, none of which have any evidence supporting them, the statement makes little sense to me. It’s a presuppositionalist argument and it fails miserably. Yet, I’ll concede just to make the point.

For the sake of argument, lets say all this is true, we know it, we understand it, no one disagrees. A god must have created the universe.

Which one of the many universe creation stories should we believe?

If you want to have faith, don’t argue it on a scientific basis. Science doesn’t discuss god because a god isn’t needed to answer the scientific questions. Enjoy your faith because it’s yours and brings you peace and comfort and joy and whatever else.

If your worldview is shaped by your faith, on the surface, that’s probably a good thing, Golden Rule and all. But if your religion competes with science and you have to deny science because evolution or cosmology doesn’t support your views, then you are a threat to progress. If I concede all of your religious views, which I don’t, to be clear, but supposing… there is no evidence that a god has any place in the natural world.

Get right with your god and leave our schools and our laws alone.


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