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Your password probably sucks

I’ve been in IT for almost 20 years now. I’ve worked in just about every position from helpdesk at a defense contractor / aerospace company to production control coordinator at a soap plant. I’ve built hundreds of websites, installed wireless networks, both point to point and point to multipoint, I’ve done security audits at credit unions and I’ve been exposed to hundreds of passwords.

Through all of that, I learned one thing…

Your password sucks!

For one, it’s too short. Also, if I know you at all, I probably know your password. Either because I can guess it or you just plain told me. No one is fooled by your “1” (ones) equals “L” trick. All the hackers know it. We also know the “3” for “e”, the “5” for “s” and the “7” for “t”. Yeah, got you on the zero equals “o” thing too.

Even with those crazy tricks, the key is length. If you are going to create a password out of things you can remember, lets hope it looks like this:


Why is that a good password? Because it’s long. Here is what intel has to say about length vs. complexity.

Your password is too short

Your password is too short

Things change. What worked fine 5 years ago, is probably not worth the time today. On that note, here is something that doesn’t work anymore. Microsoft’s website from 1994!

Microsoft 1994


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